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inconsistencies and contradictions

Suppose you have two children...child "A" received a gift of a bag of candy and that child came to you crying because the other child, child "B" ate half of it when no one was looking. You chide child "B" as violating the property of child "A"'ve taught child "B" a moral lesson -- respect the private property of others. A few weeks later, child "B" brings some candy to school and some other children demand a portion and child "B", proud of having learned an important moral lesson says, "no, this candy is my private property." The teacher comes over and takes the candy away from child "B" and distributes it among the class, and says "you must share your candy!" When child "B" complains to his parents later, they say that what the teacher did was good and proper.

Child "A" and child "B" have an argument over nothing important and child "A" pulls the hair of and spits on child "B". Child "B" runs to parents and says "my brother spit on me and pulled my hair" and child "A" says "no, he spit on me and pulled my hair." Because child "A" is older, parents believe child "A" and punish child "B" for hair pulling, spitting and lying. Child "A" has learned he can bully his brother and lie with impunity and child "B" is thoroughly confused and has learned through both experiences that adults are crazy and to not believe a thing they say.

Just a couple of memories from my own childhood and how confusing a parents "teachings" can be.