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Ms. Chase,

I wanted to provide myself as a contradicting example to a comment you shared recently. Your statement "Free Staters are the single biggest threat the state is facing today" is invalid because I, myself, am what you would call a 'Free Stater' and by no means do I provide a threat to the State of New Hampshire or to the people who reside within the state. On the contrary, I am one of many ordinary individuals exhausted with inflated government, excessive legislation and taxation, wastful inefficient departments and the endless corruption among the ranks of the beauracracy. I understand that LIBERTY is not something your voting record supports [HB536, HB1526, CACR31, to make example of a few], so I can understand why you personally feel threatened, but to extend this fear to your base only serves to encourage partisanship instead of productivity. If I may suggest, embrace the incoming freedom loving folks instead of marginalizing them and coming up with ways of 'scaring them off', because trust me when I say, you will not disuade those committed to the Free State Project and to the constitutional freedoms held by all Americans.