Comment: Something will be done to get WWIII started...

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Something will be done to get WWIII started...

I think the bankers and the elite of all the countries in the middle east (with China and Russia surly in the loop) are still just negotiating how they want to start the war, how long they want it to last and what infrastructure is to be blown up in each country. Then finally they still need to agree on how they want to end the planned war. My research indicates that the rulers of nation states don't care about their serfs AT ALL and they will ALL send their brainwashed nation loving soldiers off to die in the coming planned war so TPTB can finalize a new global financial system that will keep us enslaved forever.

The more useless eaters that are killed in WWIII the happier the "elite" will be.

During and/or after WWIII, the killing and violence will come to Amerika and resisters of the new global system will be imprisoned or killed. I don't think Amerikans will be completely disarmed but I think ammo will become nearly impossible to afford and ammo manufacturers will be making only enough for the government. I sense the billions of rounds of ammo purchases by all the various agencies of the government over the past couple years will continue for another year or so and then ammo will all but disappear for public purchase.

The State now has in place so many armoured personnel carriers ready to surround any and all people who try to fight back against the tryrants who have taken over America, I'm not sure how it will all play out but it doesn't look good for freedom. Eventually we will ALL run out of ammo. All the State has to do is wait. They will also be killing from above with drones.

Sad situation but I don't see anyway Obama doesn't put the collectivist agenda on fast forward. Our only hope is that the armed forces of all nations wake up in mass and stop killing each other for the money and pleasure of their slave masters.

But if trouble must come, let it come in my time, so that my children can live in peace. ~ Thomas Paine