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P.Nicholson - is how I beat my

bad habit of excessive drinking. I stopped drinking alcohol completely for almost 3 years but there are times when I'm invited out or even back when I went to a RP meetup group that telling people I didn't drink was more of a pain than just having a beer.

EVERYTIME when I would say I don't drink people would all of the sudden change and act like I was going to go on a bender if they drank in front of me. I've completely broken the bad habit of drinking and I have never bought a beer or liquor since I "stopped" drinking almost 4 years ago.

Tonight I have to go to a company meeting at a resturant and everyone I work with drinks (most excessively) and I'll probably have 2 maybe 3 beers. Drinking doesn't act on my brain the way it used to. I have full control over alcohol now. I can honestly take it or leave it.

I tried quiting drinking for probably 15 years and failed everytime until I found livingsobersucks and Mark Tuschell. Mark has been sober for over 6 years and says he will never drink again. Even though I no longer 100% abstain from alcohol...I've never gotten drunk or even buzzed since I stopped. I tell people now that "Not Drinking Alcohol" is my "Policy" but I have waivers and provide myself with exceptions on occasion. I love the CONTROL I have over alcohol now. It can be done. I'm proof!

Check out and communicate with Mark if you want to. Hes a crazy motherfcuker but his ideas worked for me where AA and other recovery methods failed.

I do think you have to go at least 1 year without any alcohol for your brain to re-adjust. If you don't go at least a year without booze and work though every situation you run across WITHOUT alcohol...I believe most heavy drinkers will get right back into the bad habit again. Something definitely changed in my brain after stopping compeltely for so long. Its one of the best things I've ever accomplished in my life! Hang tough!