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Great news

That is great news, but also begs the question, why isn’t the media super interested in that? Plus, in the first interview with the man whose house they went to, I thought he said 6 kids, and a woman.

There are certainly a lot of unanswered questions. I believe that many threads here are a cry for real investigative news. I notice that one video from Ben Swann seems to assuage lots of fears.

Some people here have actively pursued some of these leads, and found them to be wanting, IMO. A relatively easy task for an investigative journalist. It’s sad when people have to do that for themselves.

I suspect that the MSM is intentionally fostering these impressions; can we say "demagoguery"?

The accusations of "crisis actors" I also suspect may be true, on some level, just to keep the theme they want. Some of the interviews with less involved people may be these actors, or even citizens looking for their 15 minutes, and certainly the "experts" they employ promote the MSM views, and obscure the facts they wish to remain obscure.

Just open the box and see