Comment: This is what I am doing here.

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This is what I am doing here.

"if you must earn money ... buy lots of silver each week ..."

This is what I am doing here.

Also : don't stop learning. Skills. Many. Many more.

Learn from your spouse, relatives, friends.

Extinguish your debts, if any. Cut as many dependencies as you can that you have on state-provided services.

Keep your network of Liberty and Constitution defenders alive and updated.

Educate folks around you :

The income tax ?

SERIOUSLY. Can't we finally do BASIC arithmetic ?

The income tax is (mostly) A JOKE compared to a (now, totally FAKE) fiat currency THAT LOST 95% OF ITS VALUE against Gold since 1913.

It's a $30K+ a year tax payer writing this. Do you think I enjoy it ?

But, I know about relativity AND THE HIDDEN, INSIDIOUS, SUSTAINED DEMOLITION of this country's living standards via its DEBASED, DESTROYED currency.

And it's not just about the currency, btw; it's also about its ENTIRE ECONOMY :


if you REALLY are willing to make a difference...






as far out as you can, in as much REAL MONEY WEIGHT as you can.

For Liberty.

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"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius