Comment: Hello Rep. Chase I have been

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Hello Rep. Chase I have been

Hello Rep. Chase

I have been considering moving to NH for some time, Partially due to the work of the Free State Project. I operate a company that rents out stage equipment. i have over 20k worth of stage sound and lighting equipment such as speakers, mixers, lights and etc. I have been in contact with local musicians and event promoters as well as with two possible business partners looking at opening a music venue.

So the reason i am contacting you is because of the negative attitude you have taken toward the free state project. I was just wondering what kind of "measures" you were considering passing that would restrict my "freedoms"... talk such as that from a state representative is very discouraging. Its my understanding that "rights" and "freedoms" are things to be desired. This is a serious inquiry and i would appreciate a response.

Thanks you
- James