Comment: False Flags must combat pre-knowledge.

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False Flags must combat pre-knowledge.

Nobody was looking on 9/11 when those responsible pulled off WTC dustification (Dr. Judy Woods' "Where did the Towers go?"). But, today there is the internet, sources like this blog, various LENR, E-cat and free energy methods spreading worldwide. It's a lot different now, people are more alert. The bankers are not so protected, and the high frustration level of the general public is plain. The attempts to limit constitutional rights are meeting determined repulsion. Add also the changing of the ages, era of knowledge usurping the less knowledgeable past. The attempted lowering of US citizens' education in public schools notwithstanding, Americans are gaining insight to reality through various outlets, less the 'main stream media.' All that is not to say controlling forces will stop what they are doing. No way, it's just going to get harder and harder for them. Knowledge is power.