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At 2 minutes 32 seconds of

At 2 minutes 32 seconds of the first video I posted, the medical examiner says, "It wasn't intent, it was this magnificent...thing."

Did anyone else just about fall off their chair when Wayne Carver II said that with such an odd facial expression? What was so magnificent about it? Magnificent? Really? Okay, he was under a lot of stress and used an aweful adjective to describe what had taken place.

BUT THEN 12 seconds later, at 2 minutes 44 seconds of the same video, Wayne Carver II says this:

"Actually, one of the highlights of my administration is that we make them as non-descript and unmarked as possible...just to foil you guys."

That's the quote that made me post this article!

"Just to foil you guys."

Are you freaking kidding me?

Anyone in their right mind should be very somber, and quiet after examining dead children - but this clown is making jokes, smiling, and acting like a man with something to hide.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.