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Cliff ?

It is so unfortunate for us all that Ron Paul chose Pete Schiff to be associated with, as he is obviously a pawn of the super-rich sbsconders in Uruguay and other world-wide "undisclosed locations", who stole social security after enjoying the huge Bush tax cuts. I have given up on Ron Paul now in almost every way, as being duped by similar regime puppets, and only hold him in high regard for his stance against the federal reserve, which the Kennedy's were in the process of getting rid of when they were "interrupted", as JFK's silver certificates were already in circulation, printed by the government as legal tender and without DEBT...the exact opposite of the frn, which we have all suffered under since 1913. Wake up America and smell the sovereign currency !...Remember Iceland and repudiate the national debt part that is the fed's blight upon us !

Tom LaMar