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The only thing I've ever

The only thing I've ever found really questionable was the fact that the original reports were saying that he used pistols, then all of a sudden they found a rifle in his car, then "OH TEH NOES THE EVIL BLACK RIFLE" was the only weapon used to shoot anybody. The anti-gun crowd has been after "evil black rifles with bandanna clips and the shoulder thing that goes" up forever. From the first time I heard it, I thought somebody was trying to politicize this criminal's actions and use this event to further an agenda against "assault weapons". How hard is it to simply report facts? Then, the medical examiner can't tell us what caliber was used because he might upset his imaginary lawyer friends? Sorry. That stinks. I have a buddy who was shot five times at a red light and the emergency room doctor was able to identify a .380 caliber bullet. Granted, maybe an ER doctor in a charity hospital has actually seen more bullets than this guy, who has seen thousands of shooting victims, but it still seems a bit odd, imo.