Comment: If it were not for George

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If it were not for George

If it were not for George Herbert Walker Bush, Americans would have had no clue about the, "New World Order," until about the year 2000.

He gave us about a 10 year head start. "Red Ronny," was his boss.

Think about it folks...the Bush's have practically helped expose the NWO over the past 2 decades even though they are both playing the part of puppets.

Sometimes one has to become the enemy in order to defeat it.

Was that George Bush Sr.'s ultimate clandestine mission? If so, I think he did an excellent job.

George Herbert Walker Bush, former head of the CIA practically introduced the New World Order to America, and has caused many fires in the minds of millions of Americans.

GHWB single handedly unlocked the secrets of the New World Order by pretending to be one of them, as did his son.

If it weren't for the Bush's, would Americans know anything about the New World Order?

His mission is completed, AMERICA is WIDE AWAKE!!!!!!!


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