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George H. W. Bush was directly involved in each of the very worst crimes and worst corruption of the last 70 years, including:

. The CIA's Bay of Pigs scheme
. 1963 Assassination of John Kennedy
. CIA Director who stonewalled the '70s HSCA Committee
. U.S. - Saudi Oil interrelationship
. 1980 October Surprise
. 1980 Assassination of John Lennon
. 1981 Assassination attempt of Ronald Reagan
. The Iran-Contra Scandal
. Savings and Loan Scandal
. 2000 Election Theft (benefitted his son George W. Bush)
. 2001 9/11 False-Flag operation, which has resulted in 6 Global Wars, Human Torture, and destruction of The Bill of Rights.


The other thing worth mentioning here, is that many people want Jeb Bush to be the next Republican President. A red carpet will be rolled-out for him. But if the father is dead, then Jeb might not have all the same advantages in place.

It might finally bring about an end to the criminal Bush-Dynasty (which dates back to Prescott Bush) that has murdered and robbed this Country blind.

No more Bushes.
The Media will portray Bush as 'a hero', a 'good man', and a man of 'integrity'.

He was none of these.
He was one of the true enemies (as well as The Rockefeller family).