Comment: 2nd Amendment= Vague, lousy wording

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2nd Amendment= Vague, lousy wording

If the gods that created your Constitution were so brilliant then why is there any debate as to what the 2nd Amendment really means? (or the other Amendments for that matter too)

They wanted the states to ratify the Constitution but they wouldn't do so without some assurance of protection for the citizenry so they came up with ambiguous wording to get THE PEOPLE (whoever they were) to vote for the thing.

Patrick Henry (Mr. Give me liberty, blah, blah, blah) was opposed to the Constitution.

The Constitution created the framework for a centralized government and the Great White Fathers darn well knew what they were doing and why. POWER! Just a few years after the Constitution was rat-I-fied you had Adams crushing those that opposed him. Hamilton created the monster central bank and the US was in debt...just like he wanted.

Think of it! Countless American and British people died during the Revolutionary war just to secure American independence only to be fooled into establishing an unnecessary central government. The Articles were sufficient. The colonial congress couldn't even fund the wretched war without paper money!

So, your country got the 2nd Amendment along with a bunch of others that are now subject to so much debate and uncertainty as to what was meant in the wording of them.

Really brilliant Founders.