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Toxic Farming

All these herbicides will be drifting into the crops of independent farmers. The organic farmers don't stand a chance. "Over the last four years, more than $1 million in damages have been filed in lawsuits and insurance claims by Midwestern growers who have suffered crop losses due to 2,4-D and dicamba that has drifted onto their farms."

In 2013, Monsanto will roll out a new 2,4D resistant corn and a more volatile 2,4D herbicide. Monsanto claims it will not drift into other areas. The new herbicide is going to be less expensive which makes it more attractive; however, 2,4D is an ingredient in Agent Orange. 2,4-D was a major component (about 50%) of the product Agent Orange used extensively throughout Vietnam.

Goodbye Organic Farmers:

"2,4-D is a volatile herbicide that is prone to drift beyond the field of application to damage neighboring crops and wild
plants. 2,4-D vapor injures most broadleaf (i.e. non-grass)
plants at extremely low levels, as low as three-billionths of a gram per liter of air. Particularly sensitive crops include grapes, soybeans, sunflower, beans, tomatoes, cotton and lettuce, but 2,4-D can injure almost any broadleaf plant."

I found several of the herbicides used to kill Italian ryegrass. Paraquat (Gramoxone Inteon) is pure poison. Paraquat “is the best product we have right now for emerged Italian ryegrass." It you inhale Paraquat, you may die. On the packaging it says, "If the person is not breathing, call 911."

Dual Magnum: Don't Inhale.

Select Max: Can cause birth defects in animals. But not if used at normal levels.

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