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Hazlit's book is indeed good.

Hazlit's book is indeed good. But you are evading a truth here I believe. The stuff you are "sharing" is someone's work product. The way they make their living. No???? I would be interested in how you see Hazlit's book weighing in on this subject.

Sharing as a children's concept is interesting, so should the children pilfer the teachers purse and "share" her money"? Sharing is a good thing, right? That's OK because it's "blessed sharing". Shall I come over and help myself to your possessions in your house? You really should share....I'm just helping you share some stuff against your will....

What do you produce? Are you a producer of something or a maintainer/helper of other people producing things? The answer to this question will tell me more than you realize.

Do you write books, write code, build things? What if someone came along and took your code/music/books and replicated it out (shared) to all his friends, then everyone else did the same essence destroying the "market" for his product? Are you really saying anything that can be replicated should be replicated, even thought the creator doesn't desire that? Are you arguing against the basic tenets of intellectual property, copyright and patents contained in the US Constitution?! Are you pretty sure China has it right (where there isn't even a concept of intellectual property)?

You bring up common tired internet arguments about how Radiohead did it right etc. The point here is that the artist/creator has a right to control their product...they can risk it and give it away or NOT. You have an ethical duty to respect that I believe.

There is a product called records/songs/music out there for sale affordably in easily accessible places like iTunes. The creators want you to pay them for their work product, not much, a buck for a song they spent a ton of time writing and making. You don't want to pay for it so rather than buy the product for the asking price, you copy it from other "sharers" and then pass it on and pat yourself on the back. Bottom line: You are doing it To AVOID PAYING FOR IT. Think about that mate!