Comment: They're real.

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They're real.

I was atop a mountain a few years ago and witnessed a large plane spraying chemicals being followed by a jet. At the altitude I was at I could see very clearly. I watched the spraying plane and jet for roughly 15 minutes. The plane would basically fly in a straight line then turn completely around and create an identical expanding trail parallel to the first line.

The jet was following at a slightly higher altitude directly behind the plane. At first I was shocked I was seeing such a thing up close. Such a thing I had only heard people claim was going on.

I was pretty sure what I had seen.. I used my cell phone to find numbers of departments.. agriculture was one of them. I was referred to my state department and spoke to a lady who worked there. I explained what I saw and she told me several things. One being that they do spray chemicals via airplanes. I was told they spray several times throughout the year to affect weather (rain), combat certain species of insects, and to "help" farmers crops.

I posted more of what happened in the chemtrail thread several years ago. Believe it or not, chemtrails are here and have been for quite sometime in one way or another. Why is it such a secret? Who benefits? Obviously not the farmers due to the massive droughts. If no positive results, why is our taxpayer money being spent on it?

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