Comment: Oliver Stone - Socialist; Anti-Corruptionist - tough combo

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Oliver Stone - Socialist; Anti-Corruptionist - tough combo

Oliver recently got big points in my personal book after I saw his flick "south of the border." He seems to be half-way there. He sees the obvious corruption in BOTH PARTIES. He sees it, and he's exposing it. Good.

Now he just needs to understand that commuism and socialism are JUST as corrupt.

Even IF some south american countries have good socialist ideas....socialism is incompatible with human nature, i'd say with the Laws of Nature. It's UNNATURAL to live one's life putting other's first. I don't mean that figuratively, i mean to literally value someone else over one's own self. That is completely antithetical to LIFE. All life is designed to look out for #1 FIRST. Then, everyone else gets factored in.

That's what makes capitalism great. It capitalizes on that fact. When you look out for your own interests first, you AND the rest of society benefit. Want lots of money for yourself? Then you need to be a productive member of society. In theory it's a good idea. In reality, an economy that pits man against man is destined to fail. That TOO is unnatural.

So, I for one WELCOME WITH OPEN ARMS, a movie director releasing hours and hours of documentary-style evidence of America's true history, its true leaders, and the continuing dumbing down of the population.

Good on 'em.