Comment: The definitive Answer on RAND PAUL:

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The definitive Answer on RAND PAUL:

People, please - use only 1 barometer to judge people:

Do their actions increase &/or support LIberty? Or do their actions limit or remove liberty?

No more "Paul family" or ANY family names. Stop pledging blind faith to people, ideas, or entities on any other basis than FREEDOM.

What did Ron Paul say?
"When I'm deciding whether or not to vote for a bill, the first thing i do is lay the constitution beside it and first check if it's constitutional."

We can do the same thing when we look at Rand Paul.

1) Is what he has voted for even constitutional?
2) Do his actions pass the FREEDOM TEST ?

No & No.

Case Closed.

My top 3 picks of people full of vision, knowledge, and freedom-loving character:

1) Jesse Ventura
2) Ron Paul
3) Judge Napolitano (who even admitted that Pearl Harbor was known & allowed by FDR. that was HUGE to see)