Comment: I couldnt disagree more. Its

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I couldnt disagree more. Its

I couldnt disagree more. Its because of the internet I have been able to make a lot of things. Lets use one of my project cars as an example...its a 1977 Toyota Celica, I swapped in an engine from a 2005 Dodge Neon SRT-4(converting it to rear wheel drive in the process) and a transmission from a 2007 Chevrolet Colorado. The point being the combination of parts had never been used before but I was able to make the whole thing work because I was able to pull up images of whatever part I needed at any time and figure out a combination that I was able to make work. I am currently in the middle of another similar project in which I adapted a Volvo head to fit on a Ford block. Without the internet either of these projects while not impossible would have required me being a master mechanic with 40+ years experience. As it is I am able to do it simply as a hobby...break new ground simply by virtue of access to misc information.

P.S. I will give him credit where its due though...there is no replacement for toys such as legos and tinker toys at a young age which opens up many possibilities....legos in particular were always one of my favorites as a kid....I remember even going so far as to modify them to hook up electric motors for things like propellers, etc.(though the vibration usually tore the structue apart fairly fast)