Comment: What do We expect? CONSTITUTIONAL Leadership.

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What do We expect? CONSTITUTIONAL Leadership.

It's not brain science.

1) Promote Freedom
2) Promote Independence
3) Promote Charity

and above all


I don't want someone aiming for a lot of power, then trying to get the job done in a top-down fashion - even if they have THE BEST INTENTIONS.

True leaders, like Ron Paul, understand that nothing works that way. The way to change people's minds, to bring them onboard, is to LEAD BY EXAMPLE, and by virtue of INFLUENCE, you win people over. Slowly, but surely - just as it has been for Ron Paul.

It could have been bigger for him, but the guy isn't a speaker. He's not a shmoozer. He's not really a politician - and that's what endeared him to so many. It was obvious that he was cut from a different cloth.

BUT - you CAN have a Shmoozer and an Idealist in the same person.
Ben Franklin.

His occupation was shmoozing, and his message was Freedom.

This is what Judge Napolitano is talking about when he says: I hope Ron Paul was our Bernie Goldwater, and somewhere, a Ronald Regan is making his way through the crowds, honing his skills before he steps into the Public Eye and just owns it.

I'm ready to get behind the Judge, Jesse Ventura, or anyone who can articulate and live by The Message.