Comment: How many kids got out of Soto's class?

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How many kids got out of Soto's class?

Thanks to pseudonym for pointing out yet ANOTHER inconsistency. Z
Here we have an EYEWITNESS who says FIVE kids ran out:
This is related by his mother:"“He said [of gunman Adam Lanza], ‘He looked at all of us, then he turned around toward our teacher and all five of us ran,’ ” Jen Maksel"
and repeated later in the story:
"But another mom soon told Jen that five kids who escaped were found running down the road"
and yet the first line in the story props up the official story, even though it contradicts the eyewitness account:
"Bryce Maksel was just feet away from gunman Adam Lanza during the shooting in Sandy Hook Elementary School, but somehow managed to escape along with five others when Lanza looked away briefly."
And Rosen also comes up with 6:

So, pseudonym, it would be great if YOU could figure out why the numbers in your article do not jive. Asking questions is great, seeking answers is even better.

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