Comment: We're All Girls Here

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We're All Girls Here

I mean that only as a metaphor for such a weak effort to attack the obvious false flag event by a corrupt government. I think women of the libertarian cause would have much more balls to stand up to an obvious fascist reenactment of all the recent government sponsored events to achieve absolute control. WAKE UP WEAK LIBERTARIAN MEN!!! This is our ultimate opportunity/challenge to fight the battle for freedom. Yet, some are stuck in the sheeple state of going along with the fraud, because it would look better to others who judge the DP people. Anyone interested in a thorough overview of the state of things that includes the Sandy Hook event in the big picture should watch this video by a constitutional party candidate for governor from Nevada.
Everything is totally there, which saves time in getting up to speed on this most important topic that should trump all other interests for liberty and saving our dying nation.