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Comment: To "Hope" he'll "Change" will not work

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To "Hope" he'll "Change" will not work

No one really knows if he holds our best interests at heart????

A lot of people "Hope" that he will "Change" if he gains more power. They hope that he is just compromising to get to that point but how do they know??? They don't and I don't.

If he's willing to compromise our liberty (NDAA)or if he looks at one or more of our soldiers lives (his foreign policy) as nothing more then collateral damage just to gain power then I have absolutely no use for him.

We need to focus more on replacing our Congress instead of the next President. Our Congress men/women enjoy being the men/women behind the curtain. They write the laws and blame the President for signing them. They can shut down the President with the snap of their fingers if they really want to.