Comment: a bus driver walked/ran

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a bus driver walked/ran

5-6 kids past the firehouse,sets them down in rosens
he tells the story of them kids saying how theirteacher was shot
he states"i didn't correct them"
he also says he has to check the list to see of their
names are on there
later says he needs to get a list to see if they are on there
cops took an hour to get there for a 25 min drive at 65
i know this,i do it all the time
Bryce Maksell states "He said [of gunman Adam Lanza], ‘He looked at all of us, then he turned around toward our teacher and all five of us ran,’ ” Jen Maksel said in an interview with People. “He said, ‘We just kept on running. We didn’t know when to stop.’
this statement makes no sense,if adam was indeed wearing a mask,then how did he identify him?
he then says "he watched him shoot his teacher and his friends"
how? if when adam turned they bolted out the door and kept running
and didn't know when to stop?
so far by looking at this,i have counted 5 of the kids had recently moved there, and one helper just started that week,not done yet
what is the deal with the parents being in entertainment?
and one working with rosen?

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence