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I was responding to what I read

First off the Saiga is not an AA 12. Different animals. I don't believe the Saiga is available to the average citizen in this country and doesn't come with a barrel magazine.
The AA 12 is quite an impressive "delivery system" and does come with a barrel mag. I find my self fascinated with the finned sabot round which is a small grenade. Definitely would be on my wish list for home defense but I don't foresee it being available to any but law enforcement or military. Sorry if I seemed a bit confused at first, I've seen the videos and really didn't pay that much attention to detail. I do find it amazing that they can manufacture barrels that can handle the kind of heat generated by rapid fire of a 12 gauge. I have an 1100 Remington with a smooth bore modified choke on top of an extended tube that holds 10 shots which you must leave cool off after emptying.

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