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Perhaps we agree more than you think

You say this at the end:

he story then is the story now, man versus man. A very small percentage of man manipulating the rest man to control him. If a very small percentage of man has been trying to enslave mankind, wouldn't the conclusion be that the other members of mankind, the subjects of slavery who in the course of living would discover they are slaves, be good? If the majority of man was enslaving the minority of man, then the minority's slavery would have happened long ago, correct? So, how is mankind anything but good?

I agree that there are always those who are trying to control others. History shows us this pattern over and over again. I also agree that it is good if those in slavery discover they are slaves.

My premise is that mankind's fundamental nature is hardwired to do that which we consider bad. Your post backs this up as well. You agree that the course of human history is a lesson of some people trying to (and successfully) enslaving others. This is bad! Why does this happen over and over again? Because our nature is bad. In fact, if those who were slaves became free, history also teaches us they do the EXACT same thing to others that was done to them. For example, think of the Peasant revolts in Germany in the middle 1500's. Under the teachings of Martin Luther (and others) the German peasants rose up in revolt against the aristocracy. The peasants slaughtered thousands and thousands of people, a majority of whom were just ordinary people. It was a blood bath. The point is, those who are slaves would do the same thing as those who are masters if given the chance. That is because we are basically bad. That is why, as Libertarians, we fight to make sure NO ONE ever has a chance to put us in chains. And we create a system so that our children can't do the same.

"Be a listener only, keep within yourself, and endeavor to establish with yourself the habit of silence, especially on politics." -Thomas Jefferson