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I think it works both ways...

aren't all of these posts examples of free speech and opinion? Until someone violates Mr.Morgan its just free speech. Both sides are requesting that a government action be taken against the other, but until such actions are actually taken (and they will not be taken because these petitions only get a "response" from the President, nothing more) its just people blowing off steam about an irritating "journalist?".
Honestly, I would love to see Morgan just leave on his own.
The fact that he is able to use an instrument of government (MSM) regulated by the FCC (govt.) to promote the violation of my rights (by govt) makes this a bit different than just his right of free speech. My tax dollars indirectly (or directly) go to fund media (or regulate it) and thus however insignificant or indirectly, we are paying this a-hole. So, he is using this platform to try to disarm Myself and my family. Therefore, he is no friend of mine and I would say he is a traitor to our Constitution, but he's british,so Im not sure how that really plays out.
As an American, to me, he is not welcome here...and I feel no different about most of the rats in DC. Put them all on a boat to nowhere.
And Im not so sure that it "isn't very libertarian" to deport someone for their opinion. Its actually everyones right to openly voice disapproval with someone,even to the point where that person leaves or changes location... but yes, you're right, not so libertarian to have the government remove someone for you.

I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy