Comment: You're obviously advocating option 3

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You're obviously advocating option 3

But I think you missed a way to accomplish it. Your suggestion was to "learn" how to avoid it but that leaves out the action of doing. I KNOW how to do lots of things that I will rarely do so those things would get dealt with in one of the other options (or not at all).

Alternatively, let's consider a 4th option. If you remember the Martian disintegration gun? What if we had its opposite - a Venusian integration gun. That would be a device where we could simply make anything we wanted to appear out of nothing. I doubt that many people would envy someone's possessions if they could get their own that easily. If you accept that premise, then we only need to discuss how to make it happen.

While an integration gun does sound farcical, in reality, we could do the same thing. We could turn the world towards abundance and away from scarcity. It wouldn't solve the "woman" example but the rest would be on the table.

Our current technology already allows us the ability to run the whole of society on 15% of the current labor. If we removed the chains placed on it by the banking elites and the corporate greed that resulted (i.e. the ties between money and the social ladder), labor would quickly be valued at 6-7 times its current rate. This would lead to most social problems, including envy, diminishing more than by any campaign telling people to be good.