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How dare you blame the

How dare you blame the mother. She is an innocent victim, even if her son went nuts and killed people. She had no way of knowing that he would do that (if he did.) And by the same token that you believe she should have guarded her car keys and any instrument that could possibly be used for ill will, then you must believe that all parents ought to do likewise because any human is potentially capable of destruction and murder. Obviously she did not believe that her son, described as 'meek' and 'shy' was capable of that or a risk or she would have taken action to prevent it.

What you are implying is that anyone without a prior record or warning is a risk, particularly individuals who have had a lifelong history of developmental issues. Though I have heard of aggression in mentally disabled adolescents, this is the first I have heard of someone carrying out murders, particularly premeditated murders. Moreover, since the kid was definitely not 'autistic' and was so high functioning and capable that he could only possibly fit into the 'aspbergers' category, I would go further to say that aggression would be extremely rare in such an individual. Since it is clear that this boy had a strong attachment for his mother, it casts doubt for me that he would murder her. The lack of transparency in this 'investigation' also causes concern about the veracity of the facts since there seems to be quite a few curious inconsistencies in the official theory that need to be sorsted out. So skepticism is perfectly natural in such a situation.