Comment: I am not sure this is winning

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I am not sure this is winning

Sure - it means it is being noticed. But haven't we learned thay flying under the radar is the only way? I mean - the fact that she CLEARLY has ZERO concern about coming right out and saying she wants to take freedoms away says this train is more off the rails than we could have thought. A mere ten years ago she would have just kissed her job goodbye - now - there is a chance she(and clearly others) think it will HELP her get re-elected.

Remeber people - there are not enough awake yet - those still asleep will look to this idiot as a savior - after all - she will keep us Liberty nutjobs away from their precious state - allowing them to go back to watching Jersey Shore reruns and Cougar Town - those fine examples of modern culture.

I would have rather not heard about it until after she was voted out and she was complaining it was due to the Free State Project.