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As it was translated to me.

I can't read Hebrew, I admit. I have always heard it translated as "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor." Court or no court, it (to me) gets tot he heart of habeus corpus - where is the victim? MOST lies are to cover our butt, and there is no real victim. If the boss says "Is that report ready?" And I say "Almost, it will be on your desk in the morning" and then I work on it all night because I had not even started it, it is a loss of sleep but not a "sin" in my view. When a kids says "No Mom, I did not eat that cookie" he is trying to avoid a swat. If we really want kids to tell us the truth, we have to stop PUNISHING them when they do, and that applies to adults, too. How long would ANYONE stay employed if they told their boss the truth about everything? I do not believe the Creator considers normal pain avoidance a "sin" - but when we harm another with our words, it is as if we murdered a part of them. A former employer decides to blackball you, and everyone who calls you for a reference is told "He never missed work, but - off the record, mind you - I think he was drunk half the time" you will NEVER KNOW. The job you applied for will go to someone else, with nothing more than a vague excuse - "over qualified" - "not enough experience" - whatever. It is that "false witness" that is damaging.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.