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Comment: "Firearm" is a legal word

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"Firearm" is a legal word

which is created by the BAR association class. Since they created the word they can regulate the use of that word all they want in their legal circles and COMMERCIAL statutory courts.

Rod Class did a great job digging up the "government's" actual definition of the word. Don't have the link off the top of my head but it ironically does not include MOST guns.

The right to bear ARMS is in the 2nd amendment... not the right to bear FIREARMS. This is what the general population in this country does not comprehend about the legal system.

In order to get around violating your rights they simply change the words and in some cases just change the definition of the words.

Of course... thanks to the ninth and tenth amendments you also have the right to bear FIREARMS since the power to regulate that is not included in Article 1 section 8 - however again... people don't read the document so they have no idea what fundamental NATURAL rights are guaranteed by the document.