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Sliding scale

It took over night to get the idea of the sliding scale to sink in and now I like it since the following is how I managed to "get it".

I was ruminating on the Black/White Laundry List while waking up this morning as such:

Legal crime is the counterfeit of Natural (or God's) law like:

Smile versus counterfeit smile
Love versus counterfeit love
Care versus counterfeit care
Medicine versus counterfeit medicine
Food versus counterfeit food

I went on and on and on with the laundry list as example of each were zooming by my narrow focus of perception and then I got to the Money versus counterfeit money and at that moment your analogy popped into the progress, fitting into the stream of consciousness like a glove.

Sure, there are productive calories in the counterfeit food, for example.

My thinking moved through the list a second time.


I see how other people may read into my writing a concept of All or Nothing as if that is my wish, which is not true, since my mind is merely trained to build scales.

I find, in my mind, an extreme example of an observable process, such as Legal Crime, and one of the extreme examples I've found is Pol Pot's version of Crime made legal.

Here is a source:

By a long margin that example in Cambodia was Legal Crime at it's best (or worse if you don't like crime made legal), as that example out did all the other fine examples of Legal Crime by a very wide margin.

Note: Federal Reserve officers, in some way, financed the rise of Pol Pot (and Hitler, and Stalin).

So I place the Legal Murder torture and mass murder of the highest percentage of the "tax paying" people (within reach or within the "jurisdiction") of the Legal Criminals as a starting point on the scale (which is in fact a sliding scale - of course).

On the other end of the scale are many example of where people manage to get along without finding better ways to slit each other's throats.

Here are two sources for those types of examples in Human History:

Somewhere on the end of the sliding scale that is furthest away from Pol Pot and his employers, and his minions, are such examples as many cultures in human history going back before the use of fire, and that time period between 1776 and 1788 in America, or the Holland, or the Swiss, examples, where Legal torture and Legal murder is virtually non-existent - relatively speaking.