Comment: It Pays To Remember...

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It Pays To Remember...

...that not only are such people idiots, but the 'average' gun-owner in America is not in any way constitutionally attuned, focused on liberty or even cognizant or caring of Amendment II's meaning or intent.

A vast number of 'gun-owners' merely have a gun or three. Some for occasional hunting, aka Fudds (the typical .22, shotgun and center-fire rifle), or they don't even hunt or use them. They may have Dad's rifle, Grampa's .22, or Uncle Skippy's shotgun, but beyond having them, they mean little or nothing.

These are the boobs who show up at turn in events.

Serious gunnies, the liberty-attuned and constitutionalists, make up a very small percentage of America's gun-owning millions.