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I would never hurt you ;),

and I agree with what you are saying, for the most part. I think the way that this country was originally founded was very much in line with what a Christian nation should look like. Everyone's rights are established and respected as well as differing religions and traditions, as long as these things do not violate the established laws of the land, which for the most part were modeled after God's laws. I say that because although I lean Libertarian, I would qualify that statement with "in all areas that do not violate the basic tenents of Christianity", i.e. I would not agree that homosexual marriage is a right (mostly because once it is established as a right, churches are now obligated to perform them or become "civil right violators" and subject to legal repercusion), nor do I believe that abortion is either, but I do fully support the Bill of Rights in it's entirety and believe that they should be defended adamently.

I don't think there is any place in "true" Christianity for those that wish to "force their opinion and way of life on all" simply because that is incompatible with what Jesus taught. He never tried to "force" His way into anyone's life, nor were His apostles taught to spread the Gospel in this way either. It was always presented as a choice, and it can only be truly accepted willfully...using force doesn't work. But at the same time, I do not think that expressing your views on a particular subject (like homosexuality, promiscuity or immorality in general) should be considered trying to force your views either. Everyone is entitled to their opinion (politically correct or not) and Christians should never be accused of trying to "force" their views on other simply by expressing an opinion.

Great post, btw. You made a lot of good points. :)