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Watch the video

I really do not want to focus on this, there are impersonal aspects that can be investigated without seeming like ghouls. But do watch the videos. It is just everything. This one couple, the woman "gets weepy" with no tears, and the husband sort of leans away. He NEVER so much as puts a hand on her shoulder for support, they never look at each other for strength in this shared grief... I have no way of knowing what these people have been through, but I have never seen anyone behave like this after losing a loved one. One "heroically strong" parent, OK, maybe. Maybe even 2. But the entire town? Is this Stepford?
So, watch the videos for your own sake. Then help me figure out who owned what car, that is a much less touchy endeavor, and probably a more fruitful one.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.