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...Not surprisingly, you dodged answering the substance of the point.

And gee-whiz, you reverted to demanding that someone else (another government employee) protect your liberties for you from, you guessed it, from government.

Also, unless you live in my county, in my state, you haven't paid me shit, but then, the fact that you diverted to that is also completely unsurprising.

How many of the plethora of unconstitutional laws that are already in effect have you been nullifying, openly violating, protesting, resisting, organizing against?

Yeah, I know, I know.....I expect that you are a dutiful subject and knuckle under, then commence to bitching now that things are getting really ugly...once again expecting somebody other than you, to 'do something'.

In closing, I can only surmise from your post that you will sit at home and await the confiscation-troops. This is typical and exactly why we are facing what we face...Individuals expecting someone else to preserve and protect their liberties.

My fellow Oath Keepers and I will refuse to carry out those orders...we will stand down and as for me, I will actively oppose such efforts, but not by sitting in my basement bitching and sourly grumbling that 'nobody else' did anything to prevent it.

That is all.