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No legalize

It's because I stick to the truth. In your own little world you have no idea how your own words condemn you.

All I do is use your words and links to them for proof of who and what you are.
We'll see how many more moderators quit because of you. Lost one last week because they are so repulsed by you the cannot even stand to log in anymore.
That's 3 that I know of that have left because of you and one didn't post here for over a year because of you. That's not counting the countless people that have quit membership here and left because of you.
How many is that now?

You are in a losing battle and are not intelligent enough to see it. The funny thing is someone you call your friend one day and not the next tried to wake you up. But talking to a dense brick wall is generally fruitless.

Vote down!
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Tom - I'm not responsible for other peoples actions
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I'm sorry, but I don't have the time or energy to read and police everything everyone says.

I set up the guidelines. I hope that people follow them. I expect people to behave as adults. But being a referee between everyone's disputes is too much. I did it for 5 years when Ron Paul was running for president - but anymore, it is, for me, impossible.

You might think the comments are dirty, but they're much cleaner than places like, say - Free Republic, or even reddit or youtube.

Again, I can't, nor do I want to, control other people's actions. I prefer people to take responsibility for themselves.

And some here bring the attacks on themselves.

Fact is you are bad business all the way around for this site.The negativity and chaos you bring here greatly outweighs any "activism" you do. The only people that like you here are either newbies,people you have intimidated with your threats of suicide or those that are sucked in by your manipulative sappiness. So there is no real base of support,no bedrock foundation. You too will pass foreigner.

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
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