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Comment: NIce, but...

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NIce, but...

Again and again - all those ignorant 'socialism' references. That adds so much cheesiness into any speech that it becomes hard to bear, even if the core is admirable. Nowadays so many people are blatantly and misguidedly use words like communism and socialism, but when you talk with them about specifics of what these words mean - they like parrots repeat propaganda that you can just see being fed through mainstream media, no knowledge or understanding whatsoever/

Like when you start a discussion with a random alleged libertarian (who's supposed to be intelligent, 'research before arguing' kinda type) about let's say 'prohibition' (of alcohol) - he/she is likely to show complete and utter ignorance on the subject. And yes - I realize that me being Russian and all can make an easy 'you can't possibly understand' or 'or course - you're a communist' refute, but in truth here in Russia ignorance exists on a major scale as well.

So my point is that instead of praising obviously political speeches (admittedly - maybe meant well and with pure heart and ignorant belief in stupidity along the way) isn't it better to make more educational news. Maybe I'm asking too much, but as they say - if a job worth doing - it's not to be done half-аssed.

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