Comment: It's too bad that you misunderstand

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It's too bad that you misunderstand

The entire subject you are writing about. The market price for milk is actually roughly where it is priced today. At todays prices milk is neither being subsidized or penalized. The issue with milk is that every farm bill sets a price floor at which the government will begin buying "excess supply" off the market which in theory should save dairy farmers during bust periods. This price is written into law as superseding a previous price floor calculation, which has never been removed from law. The effect then is that if a new floor superceding the previous price floor calculation is not passed then the subsidy price would revert to a prior law from the 1940's under which the price floor would be in the neighborhood of seven bucks a gallon. So, your opinion peice is actually completely incorrect in that government is not subsidizing the purchase of milk, but the supply of milk (if necessary) in order to keep prices paid to producers up, not prices paid by consumers down as you state. The difference in the price floor set by the 1940's law (~$7), and the current law (somewhere in the $1 range) is a factor of increased production efficiency over the last 70 years. It is actually increased production efficiency that hides the effect of the FED inflation and helps make it appear our average politicians have something more effective than chicken manure between their ears. Not trying to be harsh here, but it is important to understand the topic of discussion before writing an op-ed as a misunderstanding such as this one will be used in the future to discredit your positions on all topics (especially ones on which TPTB want you discredited on) regardless of whether you are correct or not.

Josh Brueggen
Jack of all Trades
Precinct Commiteeman Precinct 5 Rock Island Co Illinois