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Your thinking sounds to me

like socialism on a heavy dose of steroids and the scenario you envision would be impossible to achieve in the real world. How do you possibly create a situation where all things are free, and how would that solve a scarcity issue? Greedy people will not stop being greedy just because they get stuff for nothing...and who is going to produce the items that are then given away for free, and what would be their incentive to do so? "If a person lived in a world where things were either free or very cheap (in personal cost) most crimes would vanish."...this statement has no basis in reality.

What about the rapists, the murderers, the pedophiles, the child abusers, the spousal abusers, the power hungry, the greedy, etc. do you "remove the gains of doing wrong" for them, when the only gain they receive comes from their satisfaction in simply controling and doing harm to others?

What about the elite who currently are the the root of many of the economic problems we currently face? What about the owners of the Federal Reserve? Everything to them is currently free because they print the money at no cost to themselves, yet they can't seem to get enough anyway, and it is not just the desire for money that motivates people to do terrible things, but also the desire for power and control over other people. Most of the megalomaniacs at the top of the food chain do what they do because of their insatiable lust for power over other people, and for some of them, the enjoyment they get out of other people's suffering. If you remove money from the scenario, these people are not going to suddenly change who they are, they will just find new ways to control and harm people.

"This may sound hard to do but think of what power your local millionaire would hold if suddenly everyone on the block became a millionaire?" This type of scenario would not only be hard to do, but impossible. Do you just print the money out of thin air and give it to everybody in the country? Isn't that what the federal reserve does and hasn't it resulted in the collapse of the dollar?

Also, you are resisting the idea that people are generally bad, but at the same time you are making the assumption that all millionaires are bad...sort of a contradiction it seems. Is it just the fact that they were able to earn a lot of money that makes them suddenly bad in your eyes? Your "address the inequality issues" statement sounds like a line right out of one of Obama's speeches. Money doesn't automatically make a person do bad things..I've known well off people that are kind and generous and I've known poor people that are cruel and unkind and vice versa.

It is not money that is the problem in this world, it is the people.