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I started an acct with FB in 2008.
2 weeks after I uploaded a face picture and only had 2 friends who were RP supporters, no other posts, I was at my mothers house and she pulled up an email from me that had my face pic next to my email on yahoo.
I could not understand how loading a face pic on FB was included in emails I sent to yahoo contacts- so i deleted my acct.
so i thought.
My FB page is still there and was never deleted.
FB refuses to delete it.

These people, someday- will reap what theyve sewn.

I was bugged out by this and couldnt believe FB spread a pic of me around the internet with out my knowledge- and then would not delete my acct. Multiple requests to delete my acct were ignored.
I never went back again and was sorry i ever signed up.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016