Comment: To be clear...

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To be clear...

Think of it this way:

One country should not have the power to say to all the others that they can't have nuclear weapons... Especially if that country possess hundreds of them! The monopoly of force is a problem and can lead to great injustice and violence.

But that's not to say that the solution is to constantly produce more nuclear weapons, right? Its a logical fallacy to think there are only two sides to this argument. Human beings should be building productive things, not destructive things. Sure its necessary to defend one self, and to have the best tool to do so. But shouldn't replace the Eagle as our National symbol with a Nuclear warhead right? Why should you put that image out to the world as if that's all we are about?

Show the world that owning a gun is normal by being a good human being, and not trying to cram it down anyone's throat.