Comment: Call the newspaper and ask

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Call the newspaper and ask

Call the newspaper and ask for the phone number to the department that handles this.

Ask the department what is the criteria used for selecting which letter is to be published.

It worked for me. I sent my in before the CT tragedy. Noticed that letters after CT were published and one on the same topic as mine.

I called the department, no repsonse. Sent two emails to department, no response. Escalated to phone number on their website. Which gave me the number of the departement. Left a message on the departement. She returned the call. Called me angry after I asked about criteria. Emailed her directly and again brought up about criteria. Received email that she will try to publish. She published.

Contact as many people as need be. This applies pressure, and pressure gets passed to the one responsible.

I had her by the milk cartons.