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"Members of the cell, aged 16 to 21, are Russian immigrants. One is Jewish, the rest were admitted to Israel under the Law of Return, which grants automatic citizenship to anyone with at least one Jewish grandparent – the same criterion adopted by the Third Reich for sending Jews to the gas chambers. In the former Soviet Union, their families were defined on their identity cards as "ethnic Russians". In Israel, they are outsiders, frustrated and angry. Neo-Nazism is a way to hit back where they know it hurts."

There are Jews who hate to be Jews, others just need to rebel against parents and older generations, yet some Russian Christian mothers decided not to integrate their kids and, at the same time, not to isolate them within Christian communities. Nothing unusual here to cite as reference to support Iranian PressTV original story.

There are at least two pure Arab parties in Israeli congress and 2-3 as a coalition Arab-Jewish parties mostly Marxists or left. In addition, there are muslims in several mainstream parties with posts like vice speaker of Congress, etc. See Wikipedia. Israeli Arabs cannot support Palestinians 100%, since political charter of Fatah and Hamas does not recognize right of Israel to exist.