Comment: How about an equality of misery?

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How about an equality of misery?

"If no person ever had anything different from another, there would never be any discontent."

Incorrect. My contentment isn't based on what another person has compared to me. I don't covet. The only productive purpose envy can serve is to use it to spread understanding and encourage people to transcend their covetous nature.

If a persons contentment is based on comparing what they have to others, they're going to live a miserable life irregardless of anything we try to do. Evvy is a destroyers path to equality and contentment.

Envy is counter productive; destructive. If we were all naked, homeless, and starving, living in a state of true equality, there would be nothing but discontentment and death.

There's no way to fan the flames of envy for productive purposes, that is unless you're a destroyer.