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I don't think I am being clear enough...

I have equated envy with desire for possessions - which is reasonable according to the definition that you posted originally and I later cited. With that in mind, envy doesn't necessarily have to carry a negative connotation. If a person desires something, it necessarily means that that something is in someone else's possession.

Where I somewhat stretch the meaning of envy is in the case of the potential loss of a possession. I do this because the desire to keep is analogous to the desire to acquire only applied to something already possessed. The feeling is the same, so I don't see any reason to give it a different name.

Discontent - I would define as - not content or lacking content.

If a person was completely content with things the way they were, there would be no reason for that person to acquire anything beyond what was already possessed. As long as that person's possessions remained static, they would be content. On the other hand, discontent motivates one to acquire new possessions.

I am nearly certain that if I had used the word desire rather than envy, we would not be having this conversation. If that is so, I think we're trying to split hairs unnecessarily.

Your argument seems to be rooted in mandating that envy have a negative connotation while I disagree that this must be so.