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CurrencyFor that reason, my


For that reason, my ideal solution is some form of centrally accepted currency with no intrinsic value other than general agreement.

That's my solution, too.

It's why I argue for retaining our currency, the dollar -- or Federal Reserve Note, if you prefer. Then again, if the FRN isn't a dollar, then the government ought to rid itself of it and start anew, say, with the dollar as opposed to the FRN "dollar."

I think Bill Still, creator of the video "The Money Masters," is right calling for a national currency. My thought to do that is to retain our country's integrity economically and consequentially in everything else. This, while detaching the national currency to all externalities, all foreign countries and organizations. Establishing sound national currency should shield Americans from foreigners directly and indirectly starting currencies in our country, picking up where they left off in diluting our country and taking it over.

After that system is in place -- or maybe while it's being built -- anyone can create his currency. Once the national system's construction is underway or is finished, though, I don't see a need for anyone to create his own money to transact with assuming the money changers of the world are in prison and their monetary system and any other fraudulent monetary system cannot be instituted in government. Their imprisonment would have to be while we are rebuilding our country, though.

My goal in creating a national system does recognize legitimate government. I don't consider government to be bad, but I do consider ours to be bad, very bad. I think that because I believe it contains the impetus for all the empires throughout the history of man and because of that containment our government is the culmination of those empires. That impetus: the lineage of people who prosecuted Jesus, an impetus I think that could have been going on before Jesus' time but came to light merely because Jesus had the guts to talk about it. That's my thought, anyway. It's conjecture, but I do wonder about the history of money.

Thanks for the conversation, tam, and please excuse my tangential topic in my reply here. I'll reread your reply and return if I have questions about it. Talk with you later, tam.

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