Comment: That was painful to watch

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That was painful to watch

Owns? If you ask me I think Pratt let that weasel Matthews get the best of him.

Why even allow Matthews to force him to name all the times guns were needed against the government? And especially why allow him to restrict it to the US government as if human nature is different in this corner of the world? It's preposterous! I own a smoke and carbon monoxide alarm. I couldn't name anyone I know, including myself, who's ever had to rely on one for saving their life. So by Matthews logic we should all throw them away as being unnecessary?

Pratt also let Matthews bait him on the "popular government" argument, as if 2nd Amendment proponents feel it provides lone OFFENSIVE vigilante action against a government where someone may disagree with the majority.

And to the ATF guy... Him being scared of armed citizens is exactly the point! Aside from immediate defensive protection against those who would do us and our families harm, the 2nd Amendment is a veiled threat against a tyrannical government. As in... "Gee, we'd better think twice before we start rounding up ARMED American citizens for indefinite detention without charges or right to a fair trial."

If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don't dare have one.